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          嘉實多Castrol Tribo GR 215-2無塵室潤滑脂(原名:Optitool 215-2)



          嘉實多Castrol Tribo GR 215-2無塵室潤滑脂(原名:Optitool 215-2)

          Tribol GR 215-2 低摩擦、抗磨潔凈室級潤滑脂


          嘉實多 Tribol GR 215-2(以前稱為 Optitool 215-2)是一種光滑的灰白色全合成 NLGI 2 級潤滑脂,基于特別選擇的原材料和專有的增稠劑。該產品專為對金屬元素和其他污染物敏感的微電子和潔凈室應用而設計。 Tribol GR 215-2 不使用包含鋰、鉬、鈣、鋁、鋇、鋅或鈉的成分作為標準元素。這些元素通常存在于其他潤滑脂中,并且可能以相對較高的濃度存在。 Tribol GR 215-2 提供出色的低摩擦和抗磨損特性,使其非常適用于所有精度要求和需要出色潤滑性的應用。


          Tribol GR 215-2 適用于球軸承、滾子軸承和滾針軸承、直線運動部件、托架、絲杠、齒輪、滑動和滾子表面、儀器和精密設備。


          溫度范圍:-40°F 至 302°F(-40°C 至 150°C)


          Tribol GR 215-2 與許多潤滑劑兼容,但在混合潤滑脂時可能會發生某些不良反應。在某些應用中,混合不相容的潤滑脂會導致故障和/或性能下降。在任何系統中使用之前,請咨詢您的 Castrol 顧問,了解有關您的特定應用和現有潤滑脂的兼容性信息。

          該產品以前稱為 Optitool 215-2。名稱于 2015 年更改。

          Tribol  GR 215-2 Low Friction, Anti-wear Clean room Grade Grease


          Castrol Tribol  GR 215-2 (previously called Optitool  215-2) is a smooth, off-white fully synthetic NLGI 2 grade grease based upon specially selected raw materials and a proprietary thickener. This product was specifically designed for use in micro-electronic and clean room applications, which are sensitive to metallic elements and other contaminants. Tribol GR 215-2 uses no ingredients containing lithium, molybdenum, calcium, aluminum, barium, zinc or sodium as standard elements. These elements are typically found in other greases and may be contained in relatively high concentration. Tribol GR 215-2 provides outstanding low friction and anti-wear properties making it ideal for use in all precision requirements and applications which require exceptional lubricity.


          Tribol GR 215-2 is intended for use on ball, roller, and needle bearings, linear motion components, carriages, lead screws, gears, sliding and roller surfaces, instruments and precision equipment.

          Conditions of Use

          Temperature Range: -40°F to 302°F (-40°C to 150°C)

          Additional Information

          Tribol GR 215-2 is compatible with many lubricants but certain adverse reactions can occur when mixing greases. Mixing of incompatible greases can cause failure and/or decreased performance in certain applications. Before use in any system, consult with your Castrol advisor for compatibility information regarding your specific application and existing grease.

           This product was previously called Optitool 215-2. The name was changed in 2015.

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